Welcome to CORE Lakeland

Connecting, Opportunities, Referrals, & Expansion

Join Us Every Tuesday & Wednesday

At The King’s Church

Doors open at 8:00 am with the meeting promptly running between 8:30 to 9:30 am. 

Our Mission

To grow as a community of industry specific professionals and provide the pathways for you and your business to grow through connection, opportunity, referral and expansion. CORE groups are designed to help each professional stay connected, build a network, and grow professionally.
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We host weekly meetings and attendance is required. Membership includes directory listing.

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In any organization, your opportunity is there if you put forth the effort. Each week members have the opportunity to share.

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CORE groups allow one industry specific professional to join their local chapter so that every member can refer from their CORE group.

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Our model is easy, as we grow each other and through business, we look to grow groups and relationships professionally.

Why Choose Us


Weekly educational programs for members


Our group is designed for integral leaders


No like industry can be a member of the same group


Build authentic relationships between peers and mentors

About Our Networking Group

CORE Lakeland was founded by female business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs. We aim to build others while continuously building each other professionally and personally. 

The CORE Network Groups structure and membership guidelines were developed to improve your business presence through a professional networking and referral program with low membership dues. The CORE Lakeland Group will provide a structured environment that allows personal and professional relationships to be fostered indefinitely. 

Ready to see the CORE in action?

Join a weekly meeting as a guest to check out our current CORE Lakeland group members and locations.


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